Keratin Lash Course

Keratin Lash lifting is taking the beauty industry by storm, and is a simple, inexpensive way to attract new clients, retain clients who can’t tolerate lash extensions, and diversify ambitious lash artist’s lash menu.

This in-depth course covers all areas of the Keratin Lash Lift process, including how to conduct a consultation, choosing the right level of lift for your client, proper Japan Keratin Lash Lift procedure, and troubleshooting unsuccessful results.

What Will You Learn?

  • The Theory
  • Lash Anatomy
  • Inside the Cortex (The polypeptide bonds)
  • The Science Of Chemical Texturizing Products
  • Workplace Safety & Sanitation 
  • Client Consultation, Client Profile
  • Protecting the eye
  • Client FAQ’s 
  • Trouble Shooting Summary
  • Retail and Aftercare

Course Details

CF Lab (Penang): 1 DAY Course, Pricing: RM 1,788
Limited promotion rate only at RM 1,388

Full set of tools and materials which worth RM 788 will be provided. The provided materials will able to provide service to up to 20 customer earning at least RM 3,500 -RM 8,000/month .

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